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Are you a small-to-midsized company seeking an outsourced payroll service? Are you bogged down with tedious, time-consuming administrative activities that prevent you from focusing on the core competencies of your business? Instead of growing your business, are you suffocating under a pile of mind-numbing paperwork? Most small business owners wish they had more time to focus on growing their business, rather than performing the behind the scenes administrative activities. Outsourcing the administrative activities that occupy much of your time, and detract from focusing on growing your business, may be the solution to your problem.

As a full-service accounting firm, we are able to provide payroll services to you at a lower cost than a full-service payroll company. The arduous chore of writing checks and making all the proper quarterly and end-of-year filings for federal, state, and local payroll taxes is not only time-consuming, but also costly if you are employing a full-time or part-time administrator to perform those activities for you. It is not uncommon for small businesses to spend two to three hours processing each payroll, if they do it manually. In addition, mistakes are costly and employee confidence in management declines when a check or a W-2 has errors.

Why Outsource Your Payroll?

  • It's Cost Effective 
    Use your staff more efficiently by allowing us to manage your payroll and the associated legal details. You will reduce overhead by removing the need to hire specialized employees.
  • It Saves Valuable Time 
    Our payroll service eliminates the burden of customizing, updating, and maintaining your own payroll system; no more data entry, no more researching updates or new laws, no more worries, leave it to us.
  • It Provides for Worry-Free Payroll Tax Filing 
    Eliminate the risks of calculating and filing your own payroll taxes by allowing professionals to manage it for you. Federal, state, and local payroll tax laws are frequently changing and becoming more complex. How much time do you want to spend learning all of the rules and keeping your information up-to-date?
  • It Allows You to Focus on the Core Competencies of Your Business
    Our professional staff allows you to focus on the core competencies of your business. We are accounting professionals. So, you get the experts working for you and with you. 

Comprehensive Reports

In addition to our payroll services, we will provide you with periodic payroll reports and summaries to ensure adequacy. For a nominal fee, we will also include union reports, certified payroll, workers' compensation reports, and much more.


Should you be interested in obtaining our payroll services, please give us a call so we can schedule an appointment to discuss your financial needs.

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